7 Shocking Facts About the Vatican City You Must Check!

Are you wondering what Vatican City is all about? 

The Vatican city holds a significant reputation as one of the most sacred places in Christendom. But that’s not what the Vatican is all about.

There are a lot of facts about the Vatican city that you will find surprising.

Be it the art, architecture, or historical facts about Vatican city, there’s a lot more to know about this wonderful place.

Here are 7 most shocking facts about Vatican City you should know.

1. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world.

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world
Image: Carmengabriela / Getty Images (Canva)

Vatican City, officially known as Vatican City State, is an independent city-state surrounded by Rome, making it the smallest country in the world.

The surface area of Vatican city is just 0.49 square kilometers (0.19 square miles), and it has a population of 805.

It is likely the only country in the world where you can take a stroll around in less than an hour.

2. The Vatican City has no prison.

Moving next to the list of Vatican City facts, another amazing facts about Vatican City is that it’s the only country that does not have a prison. 

There are some pre-trial detention facilities in the nation. 

According to the Lateran Treaty, those found guilty and given prison sentences are housed in Italian jails.

3. Vatican is known as The Wine Capital.

Sounds surprising, right? 

Another interesting facts about Vatican City is that the residents of Vatican City consume the most wine than anywhere else in the world. 

This is because the supermarkets in the city sell wine duty-free, and residents of the Vatican tend to eat together in more significant numbers. 

4. Vatican City is the only UNESCO world heritage country.

The Vatican City is the only nation wholly recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Vatican City and extraterritorial properties in Rome, such as the Basilica of Saint Peter and Saint Mary Major, are both included in this list.

 5. Vatican has the shortest rail track in the world!

The Citta Vaticano is the only station with two 300-meter tracks. However, no regular passenger trains are scheduled to run on it.

6. It has an ATM with instructions in Latin.

The Vatican is also considered the actual custodian of the Latin language. 

Therefore, the fact that the Vatican Bank’s ATM provides instructions in Latin may not come as a huge surprise.

7. There is no Permanent Citizenship at the Vatican City

The citizenship of Vatican City is exceptionally uncommon because it is only granted to people who work and live there and is not based on those born in the city.

Vatican citizenship is lost when the term of office comes to an end. 

Children cannot inherit their parent’s citizenship. 

These are some of the most interesting Vatican city facts visitors love to know.

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