How to get to Vatican City

One common question that most  tourists come across before planning their trip to the Vatican is, “how to get to Vatican city.”

If you are also someone struggling with the same question, we have got your back.

Enveloped by Rome, the Vatican city is connected to different parts of Rome with various transportation methods. 

So the answer to the question, “How to get to the Vatican City” is quite easy and convenient. 

You can get to Vatican City via Bus, Metro, Tram, train and even by car. 

This article is a complete guide to help you get to Vatican City.

Where is Vatican City?

The Vatican, In full the State of Vatican City, is the world’s smallest independent nation-state.

Located on the West bank of the River Tiber, the Vatican city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and is enveloped by Rome. 

Following the Lateran treaty, The Vatican became independent from Italy in 1929.

There are no restrictions or checks for public and private transportation between Vatican City and Rome.

Where is the Vatican City in relation to the City of Rome?

Vatican City is located north of the Centre of Rome, Italy, and is easily accessible by public transport.

Even though Vatican City is an independent state enveloped by Rome, you will find no barriers or check to commute between the Vatican and Rome.

Enclosed by its walls, Vatican City is open toward the city via Bernini’s colonnade of Saint Peter’s.

Most of the first-time visitors always think of Vatican City as the walled capital of Rome.

Within its walls, the Vatican City houses some of the most important monuments of Christendom.

Places like St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square and Vatican Museum hold great significance in Christianity.

People not only from Rome and Italy but from the whole world visit this small independent state to witness these marvelous monuments.

Map of the Vatican City

Vatican City spans over a huge area of 109 acres (44 hectares). 

Though the city is known as one of the smallest cities of its kind, navigating your way inside the city can sometimes be tricky. 

Therefore, we suggest you get a Vatican City map to help you access the city in a more convenient way.

How to get to Vatican City from Rome?

Vatican City is accessible from Rome using various transportation methods. 

  • By Train: The train time between Rome to Vatican City is just 11 Minutes.

Visitors can take a train from Termini Station and alight at the Roma San Pietro of St. Peter’s Square. 

From San Pietro, it’s just a 10-Minute walk to St. Peter’s.

  • By Metro: Visitors can get to Vatican City from Rome using the Rome Metro as well. 

The Metro line A of Rome metro has a stop called Ottaviano-S, located just outside the Vatican boundaries. 

From Ottaviano-S, it’s a 5-minute walk to the Vatican.

  • By Bus: Bus lines 64, n904, and 916 are the buses visitors can use to get to Vatican City from Rome. 

Visitors can board these bus lines from Plebiscito, Rome and alight at Lgt Sassia/S. Spirito (H), Vatican City. 

The bus journey between Rome and Vatican City lasts for 7 to 10 minutes. 

How to get to Vatican city from Colosseum?

Completed with the tour of the Colosseum, and now looking for ways to get to Vatican City?

Below are some of the best transportation options available to get to Vatican City from Colosseum. 

  • By Metro: To get to the Vatican City from Colosseum, Board Line B on Rome Metro from Colosseo to Termini (going towards Jonio or Rebbibia).

Now, from Termini, switch to Line A, running towards Battistini and alight at Cipro

This Metro ride from Colosseum to Vatican City will take around 17 to 20 Minutes.

  • By Bus: Bus lines 81 and 87 lead to Vatican City. 
Vatican city from Colosseum By Bus
Image: Viator.com

You can Board bus Line 81 or 87 from Claudia/Colosseo and Colosseo (Mb), respectively. 

Both lines will lead to P.Za Cavour, Vatican City.

Deboard the Line A at Ottaviano-S.

Map of Vatican Museum

Visitors must have a good sense of direction to move through the museum of museums, The Vatican Museum.

The museum has several galleries and rooms, making it easy for anyone to get lost inside. 

We suggest you carry a map of the Vatican Museum while going through various attractions inside the museum. 

The Vatican Museum map helps you to navigate all attraction sites easily. 

It will help you save time, ensuring you don’t miss out on any popular masterpiece. 

You can also download the map of Vatican Museum on your device.

Individuals visiting the museum for the first time may find it hard to reach every hall and gallery of the museum; therefore, booking a guided tour of Vatican Museum is always a good choice. 

However, a Vatican museum audio guide will explain the significance of every important artifact and element in detail.

How to get to Vatican Museum?

The Vatican museum is located in Città del Vaticano, 00120 Vatican City. Get Directions

There are no restrictions or checks for public and private transportation between Vatican City and Rome.

If you come by car, paid parking is available near the Viale Vaticano

Depending on your preferred means of transportation, you can choose either a Bus, Metro, Tram, or taxi to get to Vatican Museum. 

By Metro 

Take line A of the Rome metro system and exit at the Ottaviano-S. Pietro station or the Cipro station

You don’t have to wait for long because a train arrives every four minutes.

From there, it’s a quick seven-minute walk.

By Bus

Rome city is well equipped with a vast bus network, and a lot of buses travel to the Vatican City on a daily basis.

So, If you are also planning on getting a bus to reach the Vatican, board bus no. 49 and hop off at the Viale Vaticano stop. 

Buses 40 and 64 start outside Termini Train Station and finish at the Vatican.

You can also take bus number 492 or 990 and get down at the Via Leone IV stop. 

It’s a five-minute walk away from the entrance of the Vatican museum.

Buses 32, 81, and 982 stop at Piazza del Risorgimento

By Tram

Tram 19 is the only tram that stops at Piazza del Risorgimento in Vatican City.

The way to the Vatican museum is just a quick 10-minute walk from here.

By Walk

Walking to the Vatican museums is a great choice if you are in Central Rome and have ample time to explore on foot. 

The museum is about 1.4 miles from Piazza Navona, situated in Rome’s center. 

You will get to see the nearby shops at Castel Sant Angelo. 

The best part about walking to the Vatican Museum is that it is a beautiful walk across the Tiber River from the exterior.

By Train

Trains are also one of the best ways to get to Vatican City. 

Board RE 12524 or RE 4134 from Roma Termini and get off at St. Pietro

St. Peter’s Square is just a 10-minute walk from St. Pietro.

By Car

You can also get to Vatican City from Rome by Driving. 

However, the Vatican city permits only those people to drive inside the city who are on an official business trip, allowing only a few cars to enter the city. 

So, the best way to reach Vatican city is by public transport. 

If you also have an official business inside the city, then the fastest route to get to Vatican City is via Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

You can also drive via Viale Del Muro Torto to enter Vatican city and save tolls; however, it’s a long route. 

Finding Vatican Museum In Vatican City

Though the Vatican City is known to be one of the smallest cities of its kind, it still spans over a vast region. 

Finding your way to the museum, even after getting into the city, can be a little tricky. 

Ways to reach Vatican Museum depend on the way you used to get into the city. 

Whether you choose the bus, Metro, Tram, or train, and the stops you make exits at are the factors that you need to consider finding your way to the Vatican Museum in Vatican city.

Well, don’t worry; we are here to help you find your way to the Vatican Museum. 

If you choose Bus

Considering you decided to get to the Museum using a Bus, the nearest bus stop to the Vatican museum is V.Le Vaticano/Musei Vaticani. 

Bus 49 drops at the Viale Vaticano stop, right in front of the Vatican Museum. You will be able to see the Vatican museum’s arch upfront. 

The Museum is just 800 meters from the exit point of Vaile Vaticano. 

Bus 40 and 64 will take you to  Piazza Pia and Terminal Gianicolo, respectively. 

Both these stops are within 15 minutes of walking distance from the Vatican Museum.

Buses 32, 81, and 982 stop at  Piazza del Risorgimento, 7 minutes away from Vatican Museum. 

You can also hop on bus 492 and alight at Via Leone IV, and walk your way for 5 minutes to reach the Museum. 

Bus 990 will take you to the Via Degli Scipioni, Vatican Museum, from here is just a 12 minutes walk.

The below-mentioned table will help you understand your way to the Vatican Museum better.

Bus No Exit Pointdistance from Vatican Museum 
Bus 49Viale Vaticano8 Minutes
Bus 40Piazza pia15 Minutes
Bus 64Terminal Gianicolo 15 Minutes
Bus 32, 81 and 982Piazza del Risorgimento7 Minutes
Bus 492Via Leone IV5 minutes
Bus 990Via Degli Scipioni12 minutes

If you choose Metro

If you are traveling by Metro to get to the Vatican Museum, Line A to Valle Aurelia is your best bet. 

The Vatican Museum entrance is just a 5-Minute of walk from here.

If you choose Tram

The best you can get Vatican museum is by Tram. 

Board tram 19 and alight at Piazza del Risorgimento, and walk for 10 minutes to make your way to the Vatican Museum entrance. 

Vatican Museum entrances

The Vatican museum lies in the most important and sacred place of Christendom, The Vatican City. 

It welcomes over 2.5 million visitors annually through its two entrances. 

The Vatican Museum has two Entrances, via Della Conciliazione and Via Vaticano.

Visitors planning to start their tour from St. Peter Basilica makes its entrance from Via Della Conciliazione.

However, if you wish to make your way to the Vatican Museum first, Choose Via Vaticano.

You will also get to see three long queues at the entrance of the Museum. 

Without having proper information about the queues outside the Vatican Museum. Choosing one can be quite difficult. 

Most of the people waiting outside the entrance standing in long queues are visitors who didn’t book their tickets online in advance. 

Don’t make the same mistake; we suggest you book your Vatican tickets online to skip the lines and get direct access to the Museum.

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